Stuart Elden’s Shakespearean Territories audio

Stuart Elden has posted an audio of his latest talk on Shakespearean Territories. It sounds like a really interesting project. From what I’ve gathered he is using Shakespeare’s work to open up and explore various issues relating to territory (as apposed to the more historically orientated use of literature in his earlier work). More broadly this relates to the use of fictional resources in social science. In this case it is Shakespeare that is being used as a resource for an imagined encounter with spatial issues. It would seem from the audio that Shakespeare may have had a particularly profound sociological imagination (see chapter 13 from page 233 in this link).

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2 Responses to Stuart Elden’s Shakespearean Territories audio

  1. stuartelden says:

    Thanks for the interest in my work. Will look forward to discussing this when I visit York’s sociology department in the New Year.

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