An open access debate about open access

I’ve mentioned here before the debate about open access publishing that has been going in the the pages of the journal Political Geography. I’m fortunate to have a piece in the debate, which is proving to be lively. I’ve just come across this open access version of the entire open access debate so far. All of the pieces can be found here. My piece is at the end (it’s not actually out officially yet so this is a copy of the online first version of the piece). Open access publishing is a bit of a contentious issue at the moment, so it’s great to be part of the debate. These pieces, edited with an introduction by Phil Steinberg, cover quite a bit of ground and highlight quite a few of the problems, issues and areas if contention.

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4 Responses to An open access debate about open access

  1. stuartelden says:

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    Open access discussed

  2. sumandro says:

    thank you very much for the resource.

    a discussion on a related topic is going on right now at the WSIS Knowledge Communities discussion forum. the big topic of the discussion is: “is open access only for rich countries?”

    please let me invite you to participate in the discusison at:

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