An interview with Henry Jenkins


Figure/Ground have got an interview with Henry Jenkins. It covers all sorts of ground from his tips for students to his new book. Henry also has a blog. Here’s an excerpt from the interview where he talks about a key distinction in his new book on Spreadable Media:

Our new book, Spreadable Media: Creating Meaning and Value in a Networked Culture, which I co-authored with Sam Ford and Joshua Green, starts with a distinction between distribution and circulation. Distribution refers to the established set of practices whereby institutions and corporations determine the flow of their content across culture. So, decisions about whether to air Doctor Who on the same date in the UK and the USA, whether to release The Avengers simultaneously or on a different schedule around the world, are basic decisions about distribution. Circulation refers to a system where the spread of media is increasingly shaped by the often unauthorized decisions of grassroots intermediaries, whether understood as influential individuals or larger networks.

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