Back to the future of social theory

I’ve just been looking back at one of my first publications, it was from a bit over 8 years ago. I read a copy of Nick Gane’s book The Future of Social Theory. The book collects together a series of interviews that Nick conducted with leading figures from social theory. The interviews focus on future directions in theory. Rather than write a review I thought it might be interesting to follow the approach taken in the book and to interview the author. The result was this interview article called Back to the Future of Social Theory. it’s sometimes strange looking back at old work, I did this one when I was in the middle of my PhD, so it feels like a long time ago. Some of the questions I asked aren’t great, and I would probably ask some totally different questions now. But Nick did a great job of coming up with some provocative responses. It’s also interesting now to reflect back 8 years or so on what was looking like the future of social theory was likely to be.

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