Punk in the 90s


Berfrois have just published a piece by Jesse Miksic on punk in the 90s. It’s an autobiographical account of how punk music survived and evolved through the 1990s. The argument being that accounts of the end of punk in the 80s were wrong and that punk reemerged in a lively form in the 90s. The article describes some specific developments in music during this period and claims that these adhere to the early punk ethos. It also points out the importance of the splintering of punk into various sub genres during the 90s. Its really interesting how this splintering a specialisation of taste fostered the movement of this specific musical movement. Perhaps it reveals something of how genres and movements have changed in more general terms. I tried to write a bit about this kind of splintering of music genres in this piece on ‘The chaos of music genres‘.

Miksic’s article also hints at the way that musical taste fits into people’s own personal biographies. Miksic is really describing how this evolving punk movement corresponded with his own youth. Andy Bennett and Paul Hodkinson have also written about the way that music fits into people’s changing lifecourses (Andy has written about ageing punks and Paul has written about aching goths).

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