Open access and publishing…continuing the debate

There was a really lively debate section published recently in the journal Political Geography, its about the politics of publishing. It was edited by Phil Steinberg, and here is some information about it on his blog. The debate is being published open access so anyone should be able to access the pieces from the links in Phil’s blog. As you might expect, there is some disagreement about what is the best way to go. The debate is going to continue soon, with further response articles being published. I’ve written one of these responses. An ‘in press’ version of my article is now available (it requires a subscription to Political Geography but I think the final published version will be open access – ill post that when it goes live). My piece, which I’ve called ‘Open Access and Academic Publishing: some lessons from music culture’. Looks at how free content has altered music cultures and attempts to use this example to think about the impact of open access on academic publishing. It’s nice to be part of such a lively debate. I’m sure people from all disciplines will be able to associate with the issues being raised in the various pieces.

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