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Using social media data to do social research

My article ‘Using Social Media Data Aggregators to do Social Research’ has been published in Sociological Research Online. This piece looks at how commercial forms of software can be used extract and analyse data from social media. I’ve tried to … Continue reading

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Universities and the power of algorithms

A short magazine article I wrote on the power of algorithms to shape the university sector has been published in Times Higher Education. I tried to apply some of the work I’ve been doing on new media infrastructures to higher … Continue reading

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Making revisions to articles is tricky

Making changes and revisions to journal articles is really tricky. I’ve just spent the last week or so trying to revise an article for a special issue of a journal. I got some really helpful comments back a few weeks … Continue reading

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An interview with Jonathan Sterne about his MP3 book

There is an interview with Jonathan Sterne at Pitchfork. It focuses on his recently published book MP3: The Meaning of a Format.

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Old library books

I’ve just been making some changes to an article on genre and contemporary music culture that I’ve been writing for a special issue. In my revisions I was asked to link my arguments to Pierre Bourdieu. So, trying to be … Continue reading

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Popularizing research site

The Popularizing research site contains loads of interesting interfaces between research and popular culture. Including film, visual and audio media. It supports a book of the same name. The idea seems to be to open up academic research to popular … Continue reading

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A review of Jonathan Sterne’s book on MP3

I mentioned Jonathan Sterne’s new book MP3: The Meaning of a Format a few posts ago. There is a review in the current issue of Times Higher Education. I just got a copy of the book through today. It looks … Continue reading

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