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Reviews of Stephen Graham’s Cities Under Siege

The Society & Space blog have published three reviews of Stephen Graham’s outstanding book Cities Under Siege. Steve has produced some brilliant work on urban infrastructures relating to military developments, but also including technological infrastructures, services, utilities and where infrastructures … Continue reading

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Bodies in musical bubbles: space, music and everyday life

My piece ‘Bodies in Musical Bubbles’ has just been published in Berfois. Here’s a link. Here’s the opening paragraph: In the 1980s one of the defining images of cool, for In the 1980s one of the defining images of cool, … Continue reading

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The end of Top of the Pops revisited

I’ve just realised that it is 6 years since I wrote this piece about the end of the music tv show Top of the Pops. The piece used the end of this long running mainstream music show as being indicative … Continue reading

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Write or die app: some thoughts from Jenny Diski

Over at the LRB blog Jenny Diski has written a short piece about apps that are supposed to ‘help’ you to write. She focuses her reflections on the ‘write or die’ app, which apparently starts deleting your words if you … Continue reading

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