Comparing modes of writing

Stuart Elden has posted this response to an earlier post by Derek Gregory. The earlier post details Derek’s way of using visual presentations as the basis of how written work. Stuart’s response describes how he approaches the process in the opposite way, by starting with a text and then develop and shaping a presentation from it. Both provide some really interesting insights into the working practices of these two highly skilled authors. I’ve found that I’ve used both methods in the past. Although I usually start by writing something and then pull out the key points for the visuals to accompany a presentation. But there have been at least two occasions where I started with the presentation visuals and used these to guide my writing (although I don’t give very many presentations). I’m sure that Stuart is right in saying that approaches vary and that a bit of experimentation is good for keeping things fresh. Derek has followed up his earlier post with 10 rules for doing presentations.

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