Making sense of recording engineering


I’m just trying to make sense of the mass of data that has been produced by the recording engineering project I’ve been working on with Jez Well’s. Jez has conducted focus groups and interviews with about 150 recording engineers at various career stages. Some have produced and engineered big pop and rock bands, others teach recording engineering, and others are students. It’s a real mix. What I hadn’t anticipated was how much data would be produced and the type of detail that would be extracted. The most obvious first impression from the focus groups is how varied recording engineering is. We might expect these to be people who all have similar backgrounds and working practices, but in actual fact this is far from the case. These people have a wide range of different pathways into the job, with very different qualifications, values and forms of knowledge. This has led to the project exploring the sense of identity and community amongst recording engineers.

We hope to produce a series of outputs from the data over the next couple of years.

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