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Chords used in pop songs…visualised

A great post here showing what chords are commonly used in pop songs, and even some details about the sequences that the chords often take.

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Editing the review section at Information, Communication & Society

I’ve recently joined the editorial board at one of my favourite journals Information, Communication & Society. I’m also really pleased to be taking over as review editor. I’m just commissioning some reviews at the moment but I’m open to offers … Continue reading

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Hip hop as urban and regional research

An online first version of my article ‘Hip hop as urban and regional research: encountering an insider’s ethnography of city life’ has been published by the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. The paper version will be out in … Continue reading

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Value and measure: a new sociological review monograph available online

A new sociological review monograph on measure and value edited by Lisa Adkins and Celia Lury is now available online. Some really good papers here. Especially Nick Gane’s provocative take on the crisis of method and theory in social science.

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Measuring buzz around events: England at euro 2012

An Interesting article in The Guardian about social media analysts monitoring online reactions to the progress of the England Football team. There is stuff in here about the analysis of the sentiment of online content.

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Popular culture and the ghetto

Here is an early view of an article in IJURR on popular culture and the imagining of ghettos and urban immobility by Rivke Jaffe. Looks really good.

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Ethnography matters blog

Here is a new collaborative blog called ethnography matters. And here is a. Interesting post about big data and ethnography (including a reference to Jay-z, my paper treating jay-z as a sociologist will be out later this year in IJURR).

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