John Robb’s Stone Roses book and new music site


I’ve just got a copy of the revised and expanded reunion version of John Robb’s book The Stone Roses. I read the original version some years ago. The new edition seems even more substantial and includes two new chapters. It also looks like there has been quotes bit of new material added to the old chapters. From the introduction it sounds like later interviews have revealed some details around the earlier events. I’ve been having a flick through and you really get an insiders perspective from the book. Robb has been part of the movement and the band from the outset, so there is some real detail about the making of the music and the scene around the band. This is a genuinely revealing and vibrant history of the band and the scene as it developed. There is a lot here about how music scenes operate and how they collapse as the individual biographies of the band members and the audience are shaped by the broader social context – include the economy, capitalist organisations, law, digital technologies as well as cultural convergences, musical styles, consumer culture and the more obvious connections to drugs and youth culture. I might add a full review of the book if I get some time soon.

John Robb also edits a music and popular culture magazine called Louder Than War.

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