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Sarah Kember on technology in everyday life

Sarah Kember has produced some lively work in technology – including a thought provoking collection on ‘the new vitalism’ a few years ago. Here she is giving a talk on the permeation of technology in everyday life.

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Special issue ‘Reflecting on Cultural Studies in the US’

The European Journal of Cultural Studies has a special issue ‘Reflecting on Cultural Studies in the US‘. The collection includes a range of interviews with leading figures and a long essay by Dick Hebdige reflecting back on his famous book … Continue reading


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Measure and Value edited by Lisa Adkins and Celia Lury

I’ve been reading through bits of Measure and Value edited by Lisa Adkins and Celia Lury. The collection can be purchased as a book and it is also available online here. As well as having a great cover there are … Continue reading

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John Robb’s Stone Roses book and new music site

I’ve just got a copy of the revised and expanded reunion version of John Robb’s book The Stone Roses. I read the original version some years ago. The new edition seems even more substantial and includes two new chapters. It … Continue reading

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Ruth Franklin on book reviewing

Ruth Franklin has put a version of a recent prize acceptance speech about book reviewing online. The piece tackles the dwindling force and volume of book reviews. The piece raises some interesting questions that face those who review for a … Continue reading

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Association of Internet Researchers

I’ve been following the Association of Internet Researchers email list for a few years now. Here is the AoIR blog. AoIR is a large group of international researchers. The group is lively and they also produce a special issue of … Continue reading

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Special issue of Limn on crowds and clouds

A special issue of the new journal Limn on the topic of crowds and clouds has just been published. Includes a number of interesting articles. In particular there is a piece on mapping the social world. Below is a description … Continue reading

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Chords used in pop songs…visualised

A great post here showing what chords are commonly used in pop songs, and even some details about the sequences that the chords often take.

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Editing the review section at Information, Communication & Society

I’ve recently joined the editorial board at one of my favourite journals Information, Communication & Society. I’m also really pleased to be taking over as review editor. I’m just commissioning some reviews at the moment but I’m open to offers … Continue reading

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Hip hop as urban and regional research

An online first version of my article ‘Hip hop as urban and regional research: encountering an insider’s ethnography of city life’ has been published by the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. The paper version will be out in … Continue reading

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