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Street food and the app

There is a really nice post at City of Sound that describes the use of a map based App to experience a day of street food in Helsinki. Here the data and visualisation augment the space so that the user … Continue reading

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Returning to archives

For my book I’ve just been returning to some earlier work I did in archives and archiving. In the book I wrote with Nick Gane we used archive as a concept for looking at developments in new media. I’m trying … Continue reading

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What is media archeology?

I just got a copy of Jussi Parikka’s new book What is Media Archeology? It looks really interesting. Here is a post outlining the content in his Machinology blog.

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Steve Fuller on interdisciplinarity

Here’s a video of Steve Fuller talking about interdisciplinarity. There is a strong critique here of short term approaches to knowledge formation. Again from the really useful sociological imagination blog.

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Digital scholarship and publishing

There is an audio with Martin Weller, the author of the above book, here. It covers the open access debate and the new forms of publishing that are now available for communicating research and ideas. Things like blogs, youtube and … Continue reading

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An interesting post on neoliberalism by Clive Barnett on his Pop Theory blog. It starts with a brief discussion of Aditya Chakrabortty’s recent article on the failings of the social sciences. The post also contains reference to an interesting looking … Continue reading

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TV game shows and social change: becoming media savvy

Over the last few months I’ve been watching some episodes of old TV game shows from the 1980s and early 1990s. I’ve watched a few different shows including Catchphrase, Take Your Pick and Family Fortunes. But I’ve mainly been focusing … Continue reading

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Lefebvre, space and the body

I’ve just returned to Henri Lefebvre’s The Production of Space, but this time I tried to look at its depiction of the body in social space. Focusing on this one aspect I was surprised to find just how central the … Continue reading

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Atomic guitars

There is a post and video of an art instillation over at the LRB blog that uses atoms to play two guitars. The piece is Fuyuki Yamakawa’s Atomic Guitars. Looks interesting. There’s a nice analysis of the piece in the … Continue reading

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Les Back on the UK riots

This is an audio of Les Back talking about the 2011 UK riots. He makes a really important distinction here between those with nothing to lose and those with something to lose.

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