Mobile music, coded objects and everyday spaces

I’ve just noticed that the journal Mobilities have made one of my articles open access: ‘Mobile music, coded objects and everyday spaces‘. It was a piece in which I tried to situate mobile music in urban data infrastructures. It applies Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin’s concept of logjects to mobile music devices. Here’s the abstract:

ABSTRACT Building upon the existing work of Michael Bull and others on the everyday prac- tices of mobile music, this article draws upon contemporary work on active and information dense urban spaces to begin to shape opportunities for a research agenda for mobile music that incorporates the technological and informational infrastructures within which it occurs. In particular the piece applies Dodge and Kitchin’s concept of logjects, devices that recall and communicate their history of use, to the case of the mobile music device. The article concludes with a discussion of the significance of these infrastructures for the study of mobile music and with some brief reflections linking this conceptualisation and example to contemporary debates on the future development of the social sciences.

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