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Special issue on prosumption

A special issue of The American Behavioral Scientist (volume 56 issue number 4) on the age of the prosumer has been published. It’s edited by George Ritzer, Paul Dean and Nathan Jurgenson. There are lots of articles on the topic … Continue reading

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Mobility and media book

There is nice post on the above book here.

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Academic reviewers: the chloroformed factory

An interesting piece about academic and their reviews in the New York Review of Books, ‘In the chloroformed factory‘ by Tim Parks. The piece raises some reasonable points about academic reviewing, which doesn’t compare well in the descriptions with other … Continue reading


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Sloterdijk’s Moment: my review of Peter Sloterdijk’s Bubbles

My review of Peter Sloterdijk’s recently translated book Bubbles has just been published in Berfrois. The book is the first to be translated from his spheres trilogy. Here’s a link to the article, which I’ve called ‘Sloterdijk’s Moment‘.

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Institutions and informational infrastructures

An interesting post at the Social Media Collective blog on the connections between institutions and informational infrastructures – in this case told through the example of Google and advertising.

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Play and work in social media

It is amazing how accurate Tiziana Terranova’s article ‘Free Labor’ remains even some 12 years after it was published. Part of the value of the piece was in Terranova’s prophetic observations that were based at the time on the early … Continue reading

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John Robb’s review of The Stone Roses comeback gig

John Robb’s review of The Stone Roses comeback gig has now been published in The Guardian.

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C Wright Mills, The Politics of Truth and John Holmwood

I’ve been reading through C Wright Mills work in the The Politics of Truth collection (edited with a really nice biographical introduction by John H Summers). Its amazing really how radical and provocative some of his work was. The sociological … Continue reading

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Stone Roses first gig

Apparently the Stone Roses have played their first gig in 15 years. The reviews are a bit few and far between at the moment. But the Warrington Guardian has a short piece that includes a set list. The surprise song … Continue reading

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Beatboxing and social theory

A short but very suggestive post here that suggests that theorists could learn from the way that beatboxers bring together fragments. Interesting point that fits with some of the arguments about the sociological imagination as popular culture (see here for … Continue reading

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