Harry Bosch

Last year I read through all of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch books. These books tell the story of LAPD detective Bosch. But they are more than crime novels, like The Wire they tell the story of a troubled individual working in an an irrational organisational structure. If I get chance i’ve got an idea for a short piece about Bosch and the story of increasing insecurity over 20 years or so as told through Bosch. There is a definite sense of social darkness and fear that builds across the 17 novels. I’ll post that here when I get around to it. When I was thinking about this I found some great videos of Michael Connelly, this included one that showed his preparation for writing the most recent Bosch novel The Drop. This showed him in conversation with two actual detectives (both of whom are frequently acknowledged in the books and who have even become background characters in the novels). The clip shows the detectives with Connelly in a hotel room working through the book’s scenario and thinking through evidence collection etc. This working practice would suggest that there is much ethnographic insight built into Connelly’s novels. Anyway, I’ll return to this soon if I can.

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